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ThermoKeeper® Meal Shippers

ThermoKeeper® Meal Shippers

If your delivered meal plan isn’t using our ThermoKeeper® insulation product, you may not be receiving the original A-B liner system.

ThermoKeeper® Meal Shippers are “environmentally green” insulating liners designed to create a temperature-controlled shipping system that is totally biodegradable, thermally sound, and fits snugly into a protective outer container.

The inner and outer surface of the ThermoKeeper® liner consists of a biodegradable film that is perforated to allow unwanted moisture to migrate away from the payload area and be absorbed into the inner pad. Sandwiched between the films and sealed on all sides, is a proprietary, biodegradable, super insulating pad made from recycled, purified, organic textile fibers.

This unique system combined with the strategic placement of the refrigerant, makes the ThermoKeeper® Meal Shipper an ideal thermal protective shipping system for all temperature-sensitive food products.

What sets our Meal Shipper apart from other foam type shipping containers is:

Protection: One and a half inches of soft, organic fiber insulation provides superior cushioning on all sides to prevent damage to items such as pies or cakes during the rigors of shipping.

Temperature-Control: The strategic placement of our phase change refrigerant(s). For example, we place our cold pack(s) under the pie or cake so that it always remains in direct contact with the bottom of the pie or cake plate for superior cooling. This also does not allow damage if the system inadvertently undergoes some thawing because of unforeseen delays in shipping or pick-up.

Storage: Our Meal Shipping system is shipped flat to you, for considerable savings on inbound freight. This also requires far less storage space, for additional savings and convenience.

Damage: Meal Shippers experience zero damage or loss, either during shipment or in storage, caused from cracking, chipping, splitting or other damage that can occur with foam boxes.

Shipping: Superior insulation and refrigerant qualities allow you to ship 2nd day freight, thus avoiding the expense of priority, overnight costs.